1.0 Personal Conduct

1.1 Silence shall be observed in all parts of the library at all times. Even around the library premises you are not allowed to make noise.

1.2 Smoking, consumption of food-stuffs, drinking of water, chewing in any part of the Library is forbidden.

1.3 No bag, case or parcel shall be brought into the library. Patrons shall utilise the baggage storage facility at the entrance to the library.

1.4 Use of mobile phones i.e. receiving/ringing is strictly prohibited in the Library.

1.5 Maximum cooperation with Library staff is expected at all times in the Library.

2.0 Damages to, Theft and Loss of Library Books and Materials

2.1 No reader shall write in or otherwise mark; cut or deface material belonging to the library.

2.2 Readers shall be held responsible for any loss or damage occurring to books while in their charge and shall be required to pay the full replacement value of damaged or lost books.

2.3 A reader found guilty of theft, attempted theft or mutilation of library property shall be subjected to the current disciplinary procedures. All readers shall be required to acquaint themselves with the penalties likely to be imposed for infringement of library regulations.

2.4 Library defaulters shall be subject to suspension of their library privileges.

2.5 Any person who repeatedly breaches or constantly disregards any part of the library regulations shall be excluded from all use of the library and shall be subject to any other penalty imposed by the Principal of the Bulawayo Polytechnic.

2.6 Any borrower relinquishing use of the Library must return all out-standing materials and obtain library clearance.

3.0 Borrowing of Materials

3.1 Books already on loan to reader may be recalled and/or reserved by other users. Recalled items must be returned to the library immediately.

3.2 All borrowed materials shall be returned by the end of the loan period- due date.

3.3 Patrons may photocopy any material in the library.

3.4 Periodicals, pamphlets and books marked FOR REFERENCE USE ONLY can only be used within the library.

3.5 Results for students with over-due materials and unpaid fines will be withheld until payment has been done plus handling fee.

4.0 Dressing code in the Library; offensive dressing is not allowed in the library.

You are not allowed to wear dust-coats, mini-skirts, sleeve-less blouses, caps, vests, work-suits and hats whilst in the library.

Please refrain from leaving cell phones, laptops, wallets and other valuables on open tables in the library or foyer, as this invites possible thefts.

All clients are expected to abide by the above rules and regulations.